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What we do

Thorough investigations by an experienced team.

Criminal Investigations

We specialise in criminal investigations. We can complete the enquiries that Police and other Government agencies cannot prioritise due to their workloads.

We can undertake the following actions:

  • Victim and witness statements;
  • Suspect interviews;
  • Area enquires;
  • Scene analysis and examination;
  • CCTV gathering and analysis;
  • Briefing of investigation files for Court trials.

We can prepare an investigation file to a prosecution standard for either public or private prosecution.

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Litigation support

We have significant criminal trial experience spanning over three decades. Both of us have been involved in homicide and serious crime investigations and have subsequently managed many High Court and District Court trials relating to such offences.

We have the experience to objectively critique the strength of a case, as well as the ability to recommend acceptable outcomes, including lesser charges or alternative resolutions.

We have the necessary experience and skill sets to review prosecution files and provide litigation support where necessary, including interviewing witnesses and assisting with the management of criminal trials.

Company theft & fraud investigations

Many employers have the attitude that employee theft cannot happen to them. This is simply not the case and the threat of employee theft cannot be overstated. It is estimated that 80% to 90% of employee theft is to fund an addiction such as illicit drugs, gambling, alcoholism etc.

An employee who steals $2000 from a business may not sound like a lot of money, but if the business has a profit margin of 10% per cent, then they will need to earn $20,000 to recover the lost money. If their profit margin is 5%, they will need to earn $40,000 to cover this loss. Most employee thefts involve significantly more than these amounts.

Reliable statistics from New Zealand businesses and companies is hard to ascertain and a significant amount of the offending goes unreported but consider the following statistics from the American Society of Employers –

  • Businesses lose 20% of every dollar to employee theft;
  • 20% of employees are aware of fraud at their companies;
  • The average time it takes an employer to catch a fraud scheme is 18 months;
  • 55% of perpetrators are managers;
  • 44% of workers say their companies could do more to reduce fraud.

If you suspect employee theft and/or fraud at your business please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

workplace bullying, sexual harassment & assaults.

Incidents of workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination must be investigated, and the person affected must be supported by the employer (sourced from the “Employment New Zealand” website).

In relation to such circumstances it is essential that an independent and impartial investigation is completed into allegations of behaviour relating to bullying, sexual harassment and physical assaults.

Workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination can:

  • affect staff morale;
  • lead to stress and impact employee health;
  • increase staff turnover;
  • damage relationships;
  • impact on productivity and profit;
  • lead to an employee taking action against the employer, causing a financial impact on the employer;
  • damage an organisation’s reputation as well as the reputation of the person whose behaviour is in question.

Contact us to discuss a plan to investigate such workplace circumstances.

Problem solving & Conflict Resolution

We are experienced problem solvers who can get an acceptable outcome or resolution to a situation without the expense of litigation.

We have a calm, common sense approach and are able to manage the expectations of emotional and/or aggrieved parties, often resulting in successful resolutions. Sometimes it is as simple as people wanting their voice heard by the other side.

Areas where we could assist include:

  • Family Court matters / Parenting orders / ostracised parents or grandparents;
  • Matrimonial property conflicts;
  • Will / Estate conflicts;
  • Elder financial abuse / Care-giver theft;
  • Adoption / birth parent approaches;
  • Contract breaches / bad debts.

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Threat Assessments

What is a Threat assessment?

A Threat assessment is a process designed to identify individuals of concern, investigate individuals and situations, and assess the information gathered. If necessary, an intervention plan will be implemented to manage and/or monitor the person or situation.

The Process of Threat management and assessments:

  • Early identification of individuals at risk;
  • Initial threat assessment to determine if an imminent danger or emergency exists;
  • Investigate, gather information, and make an assessment;
  • Develop and implement an individualised intervention and management plan;
  • Monitor and re-evaluate plan to effect safety;
  • Refer and follow-up as appropriate.

We have extensive previous experience in completing Threat Assessments and implementing plans to neutralise and mitigate such threats. If you believe that you, your business and / or an employee may be at risk – please contact us to discuss further.

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